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Gustavo Cerati - Karaoke

GUSTAVO CERATI - Te llevo para que me lleves

Gustavo Cerati - Puente

More than most stars of her rare magnitude, Ingrid Bergman was an actress who went her own way. A Hollywood luminary for decades, from the Thirties well into the Seventies, the Swedish-born beauty acted in films that not only entertained millions but that also satisfied her own, personal need to constantly test and broaden the limits of her craft.

Brasile-Germania 1-7

Brasile-Germania 1-7

France-Allemagne, c’est du passé: Pressentie à l’issue de la phase de groupe, l’affiche du quart de finale de Coupe du monde entre la France et l’Allemagne, une fois confirmée par leurs victoires en huitièmes, a immanquablement suscité quelque émoi – en même temps qu’une vague de rappels et de commémorations de leurs précédentes rencontres de Coupe du monde en 1982 et 1986.

As 2013 winds down, and as media outlets online and off begin to roll out their traditional end-of-year Top 10 lists, gamely joins the fray.

Well, we’re sort of joining the fray. After all, 99 percent of the photos we’ve posted this year were taken decades ago. To be exact, they were made by LIFE staff photographers between 1936 (when the magazine launched) and 1972 (when it ceased publishing as a weekly). With the exception of one gallery of photos from the very early 1990s, none of the pictures that appeared on this year were taken after 1972. And while quite a few of the stories we wrote might have referenced or been inspired by current events, it simply feels closer to our mission as a website to look back not at the year that was, but at the decades in the middle part of the 20th century — when LIFE was at its peak — for our own end-of-the-year “Top 10″ feature.

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